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1. Rice is grown in China, Japan and other A_______ countries.    
2. We aim at q_________ rather than quantity.               
3. The National Games were well o__________.               
4. Does Radio Beijing b__________ the news every hour on the hour?
5. Several new railways are under c________ in China.          
6. Li Min made up his m        to go to study abroad when he was 18 years old   
7. We finally p______ the peasant to send his daughter to school.     
8. Children are c________ about everything around them.      
9. She's bought some c_______ to make herself a dress.        
10. The g_______ will build more houses for the people.          
11. I am pleased that he gladly a________ our invitation.                  
12. A soldier's duty is to o_______ orders.                              
13. Here is my a            , you can easily find my house with it        
14. I changed into my sports shoes so that I could walk more c________.   
15. The patient kept c________ all night.                             
16. We've got to be p________ and buy only what we need.               
17. The artist held an e__________ of his works last month.               
18.. Fish cannot live w            water   18.__________ .
19. Parents should help their children to form good h______.               
20. All the boys were standing up s_________.                          
21 Can’t you see the s         ? It says “No Smoking”.               
22..Bill has a large collection of f_______stamps.         
23. N         of the two answers is right.
24. The book is t_________from Russian.                 
25.All countries, big or small, should be e_________ .        
26.They're busy p_________ to go on holiday .              
27.Don't be frightened by the television camera. Just speak n__________
28.What will the w_________ be like tomorrow?            
29 My uncle no l    lived here. He moved to the south five years ago.               
30.A fence at the back of the garden s________ us from the neighbours
31.Don't w_____your money on silly things         
32.The wind turned my u________inside out.             
33.I r________Mike the moment I saw him .              
34. Do you know the a________ monthly rainfall in this area?     
35. Sleep is n________to health                     
36 This bus can carry 60________.                   
37. Fifty years ago, Chairman Mao a________ the founding of the People's Republic of China.                      
38. What is the best-known chain of fast-food r________ in the world?
39. They lived in London until quite r________                  
40. She looks f________ to me, but I don’t remember her names.      
41.That flying school graduates a hundred p______ every year.   
42.Father C            will give the children some presents during the night.
43.Edison was a great American i           
44.I must a_______for not having been able to write to you sooner.
45.Two hundred s_____ bicycles were returned to their owners last month.
46.When I got home after the holiday there were a lot of m______ in my phone.
47. G_____ speaking , parents care more about their children's health    than about their own.                   
48.I can't tell one from the other because they are only s________different.                                    
49.There has been a 50% growth in the m____ for personal computers.                                   
50.Thank you for o______ to help , but I can manage it myself.      
51. We have to get the job done s_____. We don’t want others to know about it.
52. My train was 20 minutes late in the morning and there was a_______(相似的)delay in the evening.            
53.Miss Li speaks English with excellent p______.           
54. This company is one of the Post Office's biggest c______.     
55. The drowning swimmer required the lifeguard's i_______attention.
56. Our victory was c__________ with music and dancing.        
57. I've never seen a Shakespeare's play p_____ so wonderfully.     
58..Everyone is at school e        Lin Tao.      
59. The boy spoke in a very low voice a______ he had broken the glass.
60. The m________ of people in my neighborhood are Italian.  
61.The game was a great success in the United States and it soon s_____to Australia and then t other
English-speaking countries.                              
62.The colleges and universities were only for men. and women were not p _____to

63.Train services are now back to n _____after last week’s strike in New York..
64.There’s no need to get angry, I m ______suggested that you should do that again.
65.Put on your c ______, it’s very cold outside.                       
66.Can I have a glass of t ______juice. Please?                        
67.The fish smells terrible I don’t think it’s quite f _______.            
68.Tom is preparing for an exam. Don’t d _______him                 
69.Alice s _______, if ever, reads a book.                           
70.We were c_______ to know where she’d gone                     
71. The world is getting t_____, nothing is more important than starting saving water

right now.                                       
72. Helen cut the bread and gave me two p_________.                  
73. If we don’t take m_________ to save the wild camel, then it will be in far greater
danger than the panda.                                          
74. The p_______ and suitcases which were still waiting had to be translated to another  

75. Mozart was born m_________.                                   
76. The sun sank lower and lower till it d________ beneath the horizon and left the world to
77. I have no sense of d_________, and can never tell east from west, north from south.
78. The newly-built overhead bridge adds up to the b_______ of the city.      
79. We must help the people in t________.                       
80. Though I am alone, I don’t feel l________.                     
81. This great invention is sure to b_______ the whole world.   
82. The nurses in the hospital are very kind to the p       .
83. “What’s the p           of the coat?” “One hundred yuan”.
84. Now we can get i        from a lot of ways, such as newspapers, TVs and the internet.
85. By the time the 21st c______arts, I wonder how our daily lives will have changed.                             
86. Smoking is f________ in public places.               
87. The doctor told Tom to open his mouth and put out his t________.
88. After twenty years’ hard work they paid off their d_________.  
89. The Third World is made up of d________ countries.         
90. The island is c_________ with the mainland with a bridge.     
91. We are often asked to write something. My c_____ is well written except for some spelling

92. Beijing is an a________ city with a history of 3000 years.     
93. The hospital is attached to the m_______ college.            
94. You’ve learned it. I don’t think the sentence needs e________.  
95. The farmers nearby supply the city with meat and v_______.   
96. Readers are r_______ not to take these books out of the library.  
97. My son is h_______ joining the baseball team because it might take him a lot of
98. Columbus v_________ across the ocean in 1492.            
99. Many people now make it a rule to buy cards for their friends before C_______,December

100. Miss Doreen has d____ her energy to her children’s education.



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