1. Because prices of food and clothing and almost everything else in that country have steadily gone up, the buying______of the dollar has gone down.

A. energy   B. force  C. power  D. strength

Key: C

2. Many students signed up for the_____race in the sports meeting to be held next week.

A. 800-metre-long   B. 800-metres-long  C. 800 metre length   D. 800 metres length

Key: A

3. If it was not an accident, he must have done it_____.

A. on purpose   B. in common   C. on occasion  D. in time

Key: A

4.  _____everyone can hear the speaker there is no _____of turning up the radio.

A.Now that; point  B. Even if; point  C. Now that; need  D. Even if; need

Key: A  因为need用法用for

① There’s no need for you to start yet.

② There’s a great need for a new book on the subject.

5. It snowed heavily for three days_____and they were separated from the outside world.

A. in the end  B. on end  C. by the end   D. at the end

Key: B  on end 直立,竖立 连续地  They argued for two hours on end

                                    His hair stands on end.

6. Shelly had prepared carefully for her English examination so that she could be sure of passing it on her first _____.

A. intention  B. attempt  C. purpose  D. desire

Key: B attempt 尝试

7. In order to learn the _____of the family business, Bill took a job as messenger boy in one of the offices.

A. ins and outs  B. dos and don’ts   C. heads and tails   D t’s and i’s

Key: A the ins and outs of sth.   细节、详情、始末

另: dot one’s i's and cross one’s t’s  一丝不敬地完成任务

8.Being poor, she had to borrow a new_____so as to attend the party.

A. cloth   B. clothes   C. clothing   D. dress

Key: D

9. I tried every_____to make him give up smoking.

A. mean  B. ways   C. meaning   D. means

Key: D   way 作“方式、手段、方法”解时,常用单数,等于method

10. Yesterday I was invited to the dinner at invited to the dinner at _____.

A. Turners   B. the Turners  C. Turners’  D. The Turners’

Key: D  在……住处  “’”

11. ----Who did you spend last weekend with?

   ----     .

A. Palmer’s   B. The Palmers’  C. The palmers  D. The palmer’s

Key: C  the 姓+s 一家人

12. Cloning the sheep ----Dolly is a big_____ in science.

A. progress   B. run  C. jump   D. rush

Key: C  a big jump  一个大的进步、进展

13. _____Knowledge of English is a must in international trade.

A. the   B. /    C. A   D. An

Key: C    a knowledge of 某一方面的知识

14. I don’t think the two parties can_____agreement in the near future.

A. arrive   B. reach   C. reach for   D. arrive at

Key: B  reach agreement  达成一致

15.It is very difficult to _____his mind because he is always changing his mind.

A. see  B. read   C. understand  D. find

Key: B  read one’s mind  了解某人的心思

16.This kind of clothes are out of_____nowadays.

A. month  B. year  C. season  D. week

Key: C  in season 合时的, out of season   不合时宜的、落伍的

17.If you get the job you’ll have to make business _____everywhere now and then.

A. journeys   B. travels  C. trips   D. adventure

Key: B

18. Pop music is loved by lots of people, but it is not everyone’s ____.

A. taste   B. favor   C. sound   D. smell

Key: A

19. Food and____ are very important to us all.

A. clothes  B. cloth   C. clothing  D. dress

Key: C


many|these|a few|my clothes √           two clothes  ×

food, clothing and shelter  衣、食、住

a piece of clothing √  一件衣服

a suit of clothes √  clothing ×   一套衣服

dress: “着装”不可数;“女服”可数

He doesn’t care much about dress.

working dress,   student dress,  a dress

20. As soon as their party come into____ they changed the law.

A. force   B. power   C. strength  D. energy

Key:  B 执政    in power  掌握政权   nuclear power 核动力

Force “效力”“效果”“冲动(爆炸,风暴)   strength “体力”

The laws came into force. (生效)  the force of nature  自然力量

energy  精力、能源

21. In the 2004 Shanghai Industrial Fair, ____electronic equipment, good in both qulity and style, will be shown.

A. a large number of   B. a good many    C. masses of   D. supply of

Key: C        masses of =a mass of  接可数或不可数名词,表示“一团,一块”“大量”

22.As is known to us, theory is based on practice and ____servers practice.

A. by chance  B. in turn   C. in return  C. by turn

Key: B “依次,又转过来”

23.____a fire, hotel guests are asked to remain calm.

A. As a result of  B. In the event of  C. By reason of  D. In the time of

Key: B   in the event of =in case of=in time of  万一,倘若

24. ----How do you deal with disagreements between the company and the customers?

----They key ____the problem is to meet the demand____ by the customers.

A. to solving; making   B. to solving; made  

C. to solve; making  D. to solve; made

Key: B

25. ----Sorry, Michelle is a little shy.

   ----Never mind, I  ____be that way when I was____ her age.

A. would, at    B. used to, ×  C.would, ×  D. used to, at

Key: B   be one’s age  在某某年龄时

26.He is a member of our____.

A. brain power   B. brains power  C. brain powers   D. brains powers

Key: C   复合名词的复数,一般在主体名词后加s

27. He is ____doctor at all. Don’t trust him.

A.  no   B.  not  C. any    D. a

Key : A  no doctor  算不上,医术不精




1. ____British people always talk about____weather.

A. the; the   B. / ,/   C. /; the  D. the; /

key: C

2.As is known to all,____ tiger is in____ danger of dying out.

  A. a; a     B. the; /   C. a; /   D. the; the

  Key: B

3.He had decided to give it up , but on____ second thoughts he decided to try___

third time.

A. the; a     B. / ; /  C. a; a    D. / ; a

Key: D   second  thoughts  转念一想,再次考虑得出的想法。

例: Second thoughts are best.

4.They have their reasons for keeping their marriage___ secret for ___ moment.

A. the; a     B. the; the   C. a; the    D. a; a

Key:  C.    for the moment  暂时

5.A non-smoker can hardly imagine__ pleasure of having__ smoke after a meat.

A. 1, a    B. a, a   C. the, a    D.1,1

Key: C

6.His uncle gave him books to read, but after a page or two he would put __book down and pick up__ new one.

A. the,/     B. a; a     C. a; the    D. the; a

Key: D

7.She studies ___ medicine before she turned ___ writer.

A. ×; ×    B. the, a     C. ×; a     D. the; ×

Key: A

8.Andeison entered the classroom, ____book in ___hand.

A. ×, his     B.×, ×    C. a, ×    D. a, the

Key. B  独立结构,名词前不加任何冠词


1. With all the magazine he needed____ ,he left the library.

A. borrowing   B. borrowed  C. borrow   D. to borrow

Key: B

2. With a lot of problems____ , the VS troops are having a hard time in Iraq.

A. settled   B. being settled   C. settling   D. to settle

Key: D

3.___ Sunday, rather than_____at home, I preferred_____.

A. It being; say; to travel      B. Being; to stay; to travel

C. It being; stay; travel        D. It was; to stay; traveling

Key: A

4. The party was successful, but we thought it a pity not_____you.

A. invite    B. to invite   C. inviting  D. to have invited

Key: D

5. Which do you enjoy_____your spare time, playing cards at home or taking a walk in the park?

A. spending   B. to spend  C. having spent   D. to have spent

Key: B

6._____for the terrible accident, as the public thought, the major felt nervous and at a loss what to do.

A. Having blamed   B. To blame   C. Being to be blamed  D. Being to blame

Key: D   析: be to blame for 习语,对……负责任,应受责备

7. With the weather conditions_____, they flew to London immediately.

A. considered  B. considering   C. to consider   D. to be considered

Key: A

8. ---Shall we go swimming?   ---Ok, I’ll just go and get_____.

A. changed   B. to change   C. to be changed   D. changing

Key: A

9. ---Shall we discuss the problem at the meeting today?

  ---We’d better not. _____,the problem isn’t so burning. What’s more, the manager won’t be back until tomorrow.

A. Begun with  B. Beginning with  C. To begin with   D. Being begin with

Key: C

10. You’ll find the word "psychology"_____ under "P" in your dictionary.

A. being list   B. list   C. listed  D. listing

Key: C 析: list   listed   listed 规则变化

11. There are waiting-rooms in the new station, _____about 1,000 passengers.

A. seating  B. sat   C. seated   D. sitting

Key: A   seat 容纳

12. Its this TV set which you wish_____?

A. to have it repaired  B. to repair  C. to have repaired  D. will be repaired

Key: C

13._____his father had come, his face lit up.

A. Having heard  B. When he heard  C. Hearing  D. When hearing

Key: B

14. His remarks left me_____about his real purpose.

A. wonder   B. wondering  C. to wonder  D. wondered

Key: B   leave| set | get …doing  使……起来

15. She is not worth _____.

A. to get angry   B. getting angry  C. getting angry with  D. to get angry with

Key: C  


1. From what I learn about their hotel, the service and the weather, they ____their holiday very much.

A. couldn’t have enjoyed                  B. shouldn’t have enjoyed

C. needn’t have enjoyed                   D. can’t have enjoyed

Key: D

2. I____have written to him because he phoned me shortly afterwards.

A. ought to   B. must   C. couldn’t   D. needn’t

Key: D

3. It’s said that there are plenty of hotels in that town. There____be any difficulty for you to find somewhere to stay.

A. wouldn’t  B. mustn’t   C. shouldn’t   D. needn’t

Key: C  表示估计

4. The poor boy____the test again; in that case, his mother will be very disappointed.

A. must have failed  B. might fail  C. could have failed   D. should fail

Key: B

5. ---Look! The clouds are gathering.

  ---Yes. I’m afraid it____be pouring down soon.

A. can   B. must   C. should   D. might

Key: D

6. ---Are you still going to Shanghai for the Spring Festival?

  ---Yes, but I really____ because I have a lot of things to deal with.

A. can’t   B. mustn’t   C. won’t   D. shouldn’t

Key: D  关键词 still

7. ---Let’s see if the basketball game has started yet.

  ---Started? It must be clear who____by now.

A. is winning   B. wins   C. has won   D. would win

Key: A       by now =by this time

8. It is very kind of you to do the washing-up, but you____ it.

A. mustn’t have done       B. wouldn’t have done

C. mightn’t have done     D. didn’t have to do

Key: D

9. I wish it ____be fine tomorrow.

A. is going to  B. will C. should   D. would

Key: D

10. ---I hear you’ve got a set of valuable Australian coins, ____I have a look?

   ---Yes, certainly.

A. Do   B. May   C. Shall   D. should

Key: B 许可

Shall I /we …? 用以提出建议。

Shall I drive? 我来开车好吗?  Shall I do the wasking-up?  我来洗餐具好吗?

11. It’s nearly seven o’clock. Jack____be here at any moment. =soon “很快”

A. shall   B. need   C. should   D. can

Key: C

12. Jim should be at home. (现在推测)  “可能”“该”“按理论”试探性推断

   He should arrive at noon. (将来推测)

   A) Can 某人或某物一时的特点,“有时会”特有的行动或情形

   In winter, the winds can be pretty cold. 也可看成是表示客观事实 又如 Reading can be fun

   He can be very friendly at times. (有时会很友好)

   B) can “可能”用在肯定句中表示种理论上的可能=will 而may现实上可能。

13. Our house is on the top of the hill, and in winter the winds____be pretty cold.

A. must   B. ought to   C. can  D. need

Key: C can  同为表某一物或某一人某一时的特有情形或行为,而ought to 只表推测,上句是讲述情形

14. don’t search my book case for your CD-player! Just look where it ____be  in the drawer, in your schoolbag, or somewhere else like that.

A. may   B. can  C. must   D. will

Key: A   may 事实上的可能性

15. ---Answer the doorbell, please. It must be your uncle.

   ---It ____Heidi. She’s coming over this morning to help me with my math.

A. is   B. can’t be  C. could be   D. will be

Key: C


1. I really don’t want to go to the Party, but I don’t see how I can_____ it.

A. get back from   B. get out of  C. get away   D. get off

Key: B

2. Being much too far, Maria was advised to reduce her food for each meal, yet she would_____that.

A. have none of   B. accept   C. take care of   D. listen to

Key: A

3. Readers can_____quite well without knowing the exact meaning of each word.

A. get over   B. get in   C. get along  D. get through

Key:  C

4. The death of her dog made her sad, and it took a long time to_____it.

A. put off   B. get down   C. get over   D. come across

Key: C  get over  克服、战胜、恢复常态

5. The captain told the sailors to_____their sprits when they were on the point of giving up.

A. keep up  B. pick up   C. take on   D. go on

Key: A   keep up  保持、维持

6. They always lay_____a large supply of tinned food in winter in case they are snowed up.

A. out    B. off  C. in   D. with

Key: C  lay in àlay up 储存    lay in food /coal

7. He used to be very shy but he has grown_____ it now.

A. without    B. over   C. away   D. out of

Key: D   grow out of   …年龄增长不再做…

8. The doctor thinks he will pull_____now. His temperature has gone down.

A. together    B. through    C. over   D. around

Key: B  pull through | round 恢复知觉或康复

9:It’s your turn to_____the tale

  A. Pick up   B.  carry up   C. Put up   D. take up

  Key:  D    take up

10. Sports and games can _____our bodies

bring up  B. set up  C. put up D. build up

Key: D. build up our bodies.

11. As we grow older, birthdays seem to _____more quickly than when we were children.

A. come in   B. come around   C. come out   D. come over

Key: B  come around  来到、发生= come round

Christmas seems to come around quicker every year.

12. The boy was made to_____the explanation(解释,说明 process of explaining) .

A. speak   B. tell   C. repeat   D. say

Key: C   A,D 不直接接内容, tell 告知

13. Tom,_____yourself. Did you forget the school rules?

A. behave    B. believe    C. perform   D. conduct

Key: A   举止或行为表现

Behave yourself, children!

14. ---Mum, it is nice weather. I want to skate this afternoon.

   ---Don’t you think the ice on the lake is too thin to_____your weight?

A. stand   B. bear   C. catch   D. take

Key: B   bear: (1)支撑; (2)=stand | endure 容忍

The ice is too thin to bear your weight.

15. --- Not getting that job was a big bet down.

   ---Don’t worry. Something better will_____.

A. come along   B. take on   C. go by   C. fall behind

Key: A  come along  (1)到达、出现  appear   (2)=come on

16. ----When did the concert_____?

   ---Well, two or three years ago?

A. happen   B. take place   C. hold   D. start

Key: B

17. He offered to_____her a hand as the suitcase was too heavy for her to carry.

A. hold   B. show   C. lend   D. borrow

Key: C   lend | give sb. A hand (with…) 在……帮助某人

18. It was so noisy outside that he couldn’t_____ down to read.

A. settle   B. put   C. sit   D. lie

Key: A  settle down  vi. 舒适地坐或躺

                   vt. settle sb. Down (使sb )安心

Wait until the children settle down before you start the lesson.

Uncle George didn't settle down until he was nearly fifty.

19. Have a good rest, you need to _____your energy for the tennis match this afternoon.

A. have   B. save   C. hold   D. get

Key:  B  save

20. Historical experience can_____as a most important source of information.

A. serve   B. use   C. regard   D. prove

Key: A

(1) vi., vt. 为……工作   serve as a gardener

(2) vi., vt. 服役、供职  serve in the army   server under sb.

(3) vi., vt. 供……饭茶,将……摆上桌   serve coffee

(4) vi., vt. 满足(需要),达到(目的)This room can serve for/as a study.

21. This is a story completely _____by him, so don’t rust him.

A. discovered   B. invented   C. found   D. known

Key: B  invent a story   编故事

22. It is much easier to talk about social change than to_____.

A. bring it on  B. bring it about   C. bring it up  D. bring it out

Key: B   使……发生   A. 引起,有助于  C. 扶育大  D. 显示,揭露

23. The store had to_____a number of clerks because sales were down.

A. lay out   B. lay off C. lay aside   D. lay down

Key: B  lay off (暂时)解雇  lay out 安排、布置  l

ay aside 储存        lay down  放下、规定

24.A dark blue design will not_____on a blackboard.

A. clear up   B. go up   C. show up   D. pick up

Key: C   show up  颜色衬得分明、清晰

25. He_____20 dollars for his old bike the other day.

A. paid  B. took   C. spent   D. offered

Key: B   take 接受、得到、获得 例: take the first place

take fish  抓、捕  take my pen 拿走、取走  take this cap  买下

take a cup of tea 吃、喝  take a bus  搭(车、船)

take us a week to finish  需要、花费  take this passage 理解、领会

26. ---Are you ready to leave?

   ---Almost, I’ll be ready to go just as soon as I _____putting the clean dishes away.

A. get through  B. give up   C. carry out  D. set about

Key: A 完成

27. ---Bob’s _____the branches from the tree. Go and_____ for firewood. Bill!

   ---Do you think I’m really_____ for his kind of work?

A. cut away; cut it up; cut through  B. cut off; cut it down; cut out

C. cut away; cut it up; cut out    D. cut off; cut it down; cut out

Key: C  be cut out for sth. =  be cut to be

(1) 有……的素质  He is not cut out for teaching= is to be a teacher

(2) 相匹配  John and Mary are cut out for each other.



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